man in black framed eyeglasses kissing woman in red dress

A Pleasure Morning at the Nudist Beach

I walked through the dunes until I spotted some people. I passed by several older naked men, but none caught my interest. They all seemed submissive, while I was looking for more dominant and well-endowed men. As I kept walking, I saw two men, one around 65 years old but very well-preserved with white skin, and the other taller with dark skin, wearing swim shorts. They were standing and chatting, but I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge on the taller one. I passed them and stopped a little further ahead. I laid my towel down, took off all my clothes, and lay down to observe them.

I remained lying there for a while, then got up, stretched, turned my body to show it off better, and stood there for some time as if I were just admiring the sea. Of course, I didn’t go unnoticed by the two friends, and the white one touched his genitals, indicating he had something for me. Soon after, the darker one did the same, and I shivered at the thought of his size. I discreetly touched my own body and emphasized my butt. Almost immediately, the older white man touched the black man’s crotch and gestured to me with his head, pointing out where they had their towels. Without hesitation, I picked up my towel and joined them.

We engaged in small talk, such as “Did you come to enjoy the sun?” and “What do you like?” After answering their questions, the older man pulled out his already-erect penis and asked me to suck it. I started giving him a pleasurable blowjob, which the other man couldn’t resist watching. He also pulled out his impressive instrument, and I turned to it, eagerly sucking it, while the other man watched. Suddenly, we were both sucking on the black guy’s enormous cock.

The place didn’t allow us much privacy, so I suggested we go to a more secluded area. They agreed, and I followed them to a wooded area. We chose a spot and opened our towels. There, I was served with two cocks to suck, which I did with pleasure. Then the older man asked me to get on all fours, and he began giving me oral sex while the black man made me swallow his mast. Then they switched places. The black man put on a condom, spit in his hand and smeared my asshole to make it slippery for his cock to penetrate me. It was difficult at first, but with his gentle and continuous thrusting, I eventually relaxed, and pleasure soared for all three of us since the other man came to give me a blowjob. The black man then asked me to lie down with my legs up and re-entered me, stimulating my canal so well that I even had an unpleasant bowel movement. I cleaned myself up, and they started jerking off to cum on my face. The older man came first with a few serene jets, which I even tasted. Then the black man continued furiously until he ejaculated with tons of cum on my face, mouth, and chest. It had an incredible smell, and I savoured it before spitting it out. I was exhausted, and couldn’t get an erection, or orgasm, as all my lust went into my anus, but it was GOOD.


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