Fucking My Friend

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I and my best friend have always had a very close connection, but it was never anything more than a friendship. Until one day, I found out that he was gay and it excited me so much that I decided I needed to try what it was like to eat my best friend’s ass. I knew that this could ruin everything between us, but I didn’t care anymore. All I wanted was to feel the […]

I let My Friend Fuck my Tight Ass

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I have always had a crush on my best friend, but I never had the courage to confess my feelings. I always felt very excited when he was around. When we touched, I always felt a huge heat and a crazy desire to give myself completely to him. My tight little ass brought me a feeling of fear and excitement at the same time. One night, my friend said he wanted to show me something. […]

Sucking my Friend’s Cock

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I have always been in love with my friend, but I never had the courage to admit it. It was as if I was trapped in a feeling of guilt and shame. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I wanted to experience what it was like to feel that cock in my mouth. One night, we were playing video games, as we always did. I was winning by a large margin, so he […]

I had Sex with my Gay Cousin for the First Time

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I have always had a special interest in my gay cousin. I think since he came out a few years ago, I felt that my body reacted differently when I was around him. Even though it wasn’t explicit, I could tell he also felt something for me, and that made me even more excited. So when he invited me to spend the holidays with him, I didn’t hesitate to accept. It was a unique opportunity […]

I was Submissive to my Lover

I had never experienced the role of a submissive before, but my lover wanted to teach me. When he told me he would take me to a special place, I knew this would be something I had never experienced before. I was a little nervous but more excited than ever to see what he had planned for us. He took me to a dark room and told me to sit down. I was submissive and […]