Had Anal Sex and Loved It

My first time having anal – I had and liked it – was something that scared me a lot. I had been with my boyfriend for a few years and had tried various things during our relationship, including BDSM games. However, I had never experienced penetration in my anus. Until then, I had the conception that anal sex was only for women who were very accustomed to sexual experience, so I did not judge myself fit to face the challenge. But my boyfriend seemed to like the idea from the beginning, so I decided to do it.

At the time, my heart was beating rapidly as I prepared for the act. My boyfriend made sure that I was comfortable and my body was calmly relaxed. Contrary to what I expected, he was the one who worried about calming me down and getting me ready. We stayed in that position for a while, then he started kissing my neck, and with each kiss, I felt a shiver of desire. My body began to relax and allow me to receive the penetration.

Then it happened. In a slow exploratory start, I felt every centimetre of his penis enter me, and suddenly I let myself go. My boyfriend was qualified enough to make every move count, and that’s the part I like the most. He gradually deepened the penetration until he was well-inserted into me. I craved my G-spot while feeling that sensation. It started to be uncomfortable but at the same time, a little exciting.

I gave it and liked it Then I started to realize that I was enjoying it. I think this was the key. Accepting that I was enjoying it, that it was not just a strange act. Once I did that, my body began to respond with waves of pleasure and warmth all around. The sensations became even more intense when my boyfriend started increasing the intensity and speed of his movement. Orgasms came successively when that sensation of penetration became a big climax that expanded throughout my body.

Thinking about it, my body trembled with desire. Then I felt my G-spot being gently touched as the movement became more rhythmic and faster. My climax was increasing quickly, I writhed inside him, the world seemed to blur amidst my silence. When the sensations became so intense that they made me hit my head on the pillow screaming, I felt his semen flowing inside of me while I exploded in pleasure.

I was exhausted but at the same time full of emotion. That experience was so personal, yet so real. Something I did not expect to feel – I had never imagined that I could like giving anal so much. It was that surprise that reminded me of a lesson: we are responsible for our own pleasure.

I ended that night satisfied, feeling in love with that exciting experience – I gave it and liked it. Since then, my boyfriend and I have made this game a regular thing in our relationship. Since then, I realized that again I was wrong: anal sex does not necessarily have to be painful or unpleasant. If you relax and get into the spirit, it can be as amazing as any other type of sexual relationship


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