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I had Sex with my Gay Cousin for the First Time

I have always had a special interest in my gay cousin. I think since he came out a few years ago, I felt that my body reacted differently when I was around him. Even though it wasn’t explicit, I could tell he also felt something for me, and that made me even more excited. So when he invited me to spend the holidays with him, I didn’t hesitate to accept. It was a unique opportunity to give myself to my gay cousin.

When I arrived at his house, I was stunned by the beauty of the place. The sun was setting on the horizon, and everything was so peaceful that I almost forgot why I had come. But as soon as my cousin appeared, I remembered everything. He was more beautiful than ever, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to hug him. There was no resistance on his part, and we went straight to his room.

There, we kissed passionately. I unbuttoned his shirt and soon felt his bare chest against mine. He looked into my eyes, and I knew the desire we felt was mutual. Then I started to unbutton my shirt, and he kissed my neck. He moved his lips down my chest, and soon I had my pants down.

As I moaned with pleasure, he took off my pants, and soon his tongue was circling my member. His touch was delicious, and I couldn’t contain my pleasure. Then he lay me down on the bed and started kissing me again, this time more deeply. As we kissed, he moved down to my hips and gave me delightful oral sex.

The sensation was wonderful, and I couldn’t contain my grunts of pleasure. Afterwards, he turned me over and started kissing me again while penetrating me from behind. He pulled my hair gently while moving inside me. I was going crazy with pleasure.

After a few minutes, I felt like I was about to come. He was also close, and then we both reached the climax together. After we came, we lay embraced, tired but satisfied. It was amazing how we completed each other.

After that, our nights together became even better and more intense. I was surprised at the intensity of our nights of love. It seemed like nothing could separate us, and in fact, nothing did. To this day, we love each other and give ourselves body and soul whenever we meet. What can I say? Giving myself to my gay cousin was truly incredible!


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