Fertility Factor 5™

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Finally, there is hope for men suffering from infertility issues. Fertility Factor 5 is a male infertility treatment that doesn’t involve surgery, painful injections, or expensive and ineffective prescriptions.

VigRX has formulated an all-natural male fertility supplement with ingredients that have been clinically proven to:

  • Improve Sperm Population (Count)
  • Improve Sperm Morphology (Shape)
  • Improve Sperm Motility (Movement)
  • Improve Spermatogenesis (Development)
  • Increase Semen Volume



We know struggling with male infertility can be stressful. It can put undue pressure on a relationship and kill our self-esteem. Even worse, doctors aren’t even able to identify the underlying cause for male infertility in 40%-50% of the cases they see. Talk about an expensive waste of time.

And that’s where Fertility Factor 5 comes in. Whether your infertility is related to low sperm count, poor sperm mobility, abnormal sperm morphology (shape), or a deficiency in essential nutrients, Fertility Factor 5 can help.

How Does Fertility Factor 5 Work?

Fertility Factor 5 is formulated with 5 potent ingredients that have been clinically proven to work individually and synergistically to improve male fertility. Increase sperm count, improve sperm shape and motility (movement), increase semen volume, and boost your libido, all with a once-daily supplement that actually works.

Is Fertility Factor 5 Safe?

Fertility Factor 5 is formulated with all-natural ingredients that are considered safe for long term use without any adverse side effects.


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